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The work of the NGO Parceiros Voluntários is grounded on the belief that articulation among governments, companies, markets and organized civil society is indispensible in strengthening the Social Capital of communities and transforming economies and productive structures.

Under the banner of Emotion with Results, it develops methodologies dedicated to schools, companies and organizations from civil society. In fulfilling the mission of bolstering human development, it mobilizes, articulates and forms people, institutions and networks.

Founded in Rio Grande do Sul through the idealism of Maria Elena Pereira Johannpeter, it has become benchmark in the development of a volunteer culture in Brazil and in customized social technologies dedicated to bolstering sustainability, qualified management and principles of transparency and rendering of accounts in the Third Sector. Altogether they are nine tested and consolidated methodologies to assist several segments and needs.

The social web created over 15 years of activity (founded in 1997) is benefitting 1.5 million people thanks to attitudes of solidarity among its 400,000 volunteers, who provide services to 2,784 social organizations associated to units established in 51 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The data from the 2011 Annual Report indicates 2,000 mobilized schools and 2,500 companies.

For more than ten years now, Parceiros Voluntários created an action called Tribos nas Trilhas da Cidadania (Tribes on the Path to Active Citizenship), Brazil's largest voluntary youth movement. Thousands of students from Rio Grande do Sul's public and private school network are dedicated to finding solutions to problems in their communities, following three paths: Education for Peace, the Environment and Culture.

Since 2001, it has paid tribute to organized voluntary work with the Parceiros Voluntários Award and hosts the International PARE PENSE (Stop and Think) Seminar, which brings together exponents to reflect on the Development of Human Beings in the 21st Century. At the last edition, in 2012, the theme was Social Capital as a Base for the Construction of Economic Capital and Regional Development.

Specialist in Capacity Building

The motto Idealism with Professionalism – employing the BSC (Balance Scorecard) tool since 2003 – has led to recognition of Parceiros Voluntários' work and invitations to take part in strategic partnerships on a national and international scale. Among the partners are SEBRAE Nacional, which sponsors the course Management for Sustainability: Development of Leadership in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Amazonas, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso do Sul, and the Department of Labor and Social Development of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, for whom it coordinated the undertaking Preparation of Projects and Social Networks and created the Portal Rede Integrada do Desenvolvimento Social – RIDS (Integrated Network Portal for Social Development).

For BID/FUMIN and Petrobras, it tested and systemized a methodology called Development of Principles of Transparency and Rendering of Accounts in Civil Society Organizations, for a period of three years. The report of results attained is registered in the book ONG – Transparência como Fator Crítico de Sucesso (NGO – Transparency as a Critical Success Factor). The book launched in 2012 by Maria Elena Johannpeter and historian Naida Menezes presents the experience and statements of leaders from 76 social organizations from 21 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The courses, conducted according to the concept of THC – Technique, Human and Conceptual, has already achieved the mark of 10,000 certificates handed over.

In January 2013, the NGO Parceiros Voluntários initiated a cooperation agreement signed with ONU Habitat and Instituto Municipal de Urbanismo Pereira Passos (IPP), from Rio de Janeiro, in order to share its expertise in volunteering and its methodologies with 5 among 32 pacified communities from Rio de Janeiro. During 4 months, starting in January, the institution will be forming consultants and training 110 leaders of 55 Civil Society Organizations in the communities of Borel, Formiga, Andaraí, Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo in what they need most to gain sustainability: professional management and skill to form networks. At first, the investment of US$ 500,000 will benefit 1.400 people in social vulnerability situation.

The consistent work of capacity building is a response to the demands of companies, foundations and sponsors, who need to know the destination and result of capital invested in the Voluntary Sector and how much the benefitted community is evolving.

Parceiros Voluntários is part of a collaborative network of some 290,000 Brazilian NGOs that, according to IBGE, has a 1.4% share in the composition of the national GDP, representing the very significant amount of BRL 32 million. In the world, the economic value of the voluntary workforce represents the very expressive figure of US$ 1.3 trillion.

According to Lester Salamon, a full professor at Johns Hopkins University, in the USA, and one of the pioneers in scientific research on the Voluntary Sector, “if all volunteers formed a country, it would be the seconds largest in the world”. A survey conducted by IBOPE on behalf of Rede Brasil Voluntário shows that one in four Brazilians, aged 16 or over, have done or still do volunteer work. There are 35 million people in action.

About Maria Elena Pereira Johannpeter, President (Volunteer)

Involved with voluntary work since her adolescence, Maria Elena Pereira Johannpeter is a board member of corporate entities and national and international foundations linked to the segment. Among her titles and awards, she was honored by the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, an intergovernmental entity part of the UN, with the UN’s Sérgio Vieira de Mello Peace Award; by Porto Alegre City Hall with the City of Porto Alegre Medal; by the Chamber of Deputies, with the title of Emeritus Citizen of Porto Alegre; and by the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul with the Farroupilha Medal of Merit, in December 2011, the highest distinction awarded to an
individual by the state. More recently, she was invited by the BID (Inter-American Development Bank) to join its Civil Society Advisory Group in Brazil.

In 2008, Maria Elena, together with author Lilian Dreyer, launched the book O Quinto Poder – Consciência Social de uma Nação (The Fifth Power – The Social Conscience of a Nation). The book gathers, in 324 pages, analyses and reflections from 12 of the most renowned national and international specialists on the Voluntary Sector, the involvement of organized civil society and volunteering.

ONG Parceiros Voluntários

Service Sector
Mercado Público, loja 84 – 2º. andar - Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil
Telephone: (+55 51) 3212.2024

Largo Visconde do Cairu, 17 - 8°. andar - Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil
Telephone (+55 51) 2101.9750

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“Doing good deeds is an investment and every investment needs a careful manager, who knows how to render accounts”.

“Companies want to know where the invested money is going in the Voluntary Sector and if the benefitted community is evolving, is well attended and if any transformations have occurred”.

“Volunteerism is one of the vital renewable resources in solving social problems around the world”.

“Social organizations need credibility to bear that in case of any downturn in business the first cut is not necessarily in social projects”.

January 2013

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